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I Can Make a Mess concert
centurion rory
So I'll probably post a more thorough review of tonight tomorrow, including pictures, but let me just say that tonight was so much fun. Seriously, go check out I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business if you haven't heard of them, and if you like them, go check out everything Ace Enders has ever done.

I'm sure any of you that know who he has know he's an amazing person, but let me just reiterate how amazing this man is. I mean, yes, he makes fantastic music and I love it, but more than that, he's just one of the best people I've ever met. He was funny and sweet and adorable, and had fantastic stage banter, and after the show came out and talked to every single person that waited. He signed things, took pictures, and honestly talked to people. He cared what I was saying, not just being nice to fans. Honestly, he's just amazing, and I will always be happy to buy whatever he puts out.

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He cared what I was saying, not just being nice to fans.
This is the second reason why I love Ace and always will. He takes the time and effort to show his fans his appreciation, and really takes nothing for granted.

He really does. I mean, you can tell with him that it's not just being nice to humor fans, he genuinely cares. I told him that it really made up for my shitty day on Thursday, and he listened, and cared, and ya know, talked to me, not just humored the ramblings of a fan. He's just lovely.

I'm assuming the first reason is the music :)

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