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I hate you. No you don't.
centurion rory
So I didn't get this posted last night because I fell asleep around 6:00 last night. Guess the lack of sleep finally caught up to me. And in other personal news, my goal of getting better grades in school this quarter are not doing so hot right now. Oh well. Lots of catch up work for me this weekend. After Doctor Who though. And first this loveliness, which I was lucky to find earlier:

Please. Be more perfect John Barrowman, I dare you. <3 this man. There may or may not be a John Barrowman spamming post soon.

And now for The Impossible Astronaut!


I love all of the cheekiness and innuendo of the show. I know some people don't, but I enjoy it so much. I've never thought of the Doctor as asexual, so it doesn't bother me for that reason, and I find it amusing. Loved the intro. So like the Doctor.

Not a big fan of the new title sequence or whatever it's called before the credits. I hope that's not a permanent thing, just a beginning of the season refresher thing.

River Song! So much love for River Song! The way she just packs up and leaves when she's escaping prison (also "going to some planet called America" loling forever) and they can't stop her. Shooting off another one of the Doctor's hats. How cool and brave and BADASS she acts all the time, while having so much depth beneath it. The fact that once again he doesn't know her, doesn't want her, doesn't trust her, and again picks Amy, and she understands of course she does, but there's that little moment where she closes her eyes after Amy asks him to trust her. Her scene with Rory nearly broke my heart. "And I think it's going to kill me. Oh River. Being able to fly the TARDIS better than the Doctor. And all of their cute interaction. And their relationship is starting to blossom, even if he doesn't trust her yet! Love it to bits. Love her curiosity and need for adventure and danger just like the Doctor does. I'm also really enjoying her growing relationship with Amy. Even if it's mostly about the Doctor so far, I can see a friendship growing, and I love good friendships on tv shows. That little wink when she asked Amy to watch out for him.

The Doctor is definitely afraid of dying. All of the running reminded me of the Season 4 specials when he was running from death. Although this time he's running from actual death and not just regeneration, so I guess that's even more serious. Still anxious to find out what that's about. I mean, he can't actually be dead right? RIGHT? Please for that to be true! River and Amy's reactions were both so heartbreaking in their different ways. Amy just losing it, because she always feels too much even though she tries not to. And River being so composed even though you could see her heart was broken in every thing she did and said. And when he came out alive again, her reaction was beautiful. Also best convo ever: "Doctor Song, you've got that face on again." "What face?" "The 'he's hot when he's clever face.'" "This is my normal face." "Yes, it is." These two. So cute.

Loved, loved, LOVED having Rory as a full time companion. So cool and normal, but so perfect. Pretty much every thing he does is how I would react, and I think how most people would. Except not as awesome. Loved him pointing out that the last time the Doctor interacted with his own timeline the universe did blow up. And he is definitely "very not in need of getting shot!" I'm glad we'll be seeing more of him!

I like where they took the Doctor. It's always the companions that are swept up in the action and the Doctor's always so cool and in control. It was really interesting to see him vulnerable and nervous about what's ahead. Of course once the action starts, he gets caught up in it same as ever and is hopelessly brilliant and enthralling. And of course, delighted by everything, such as all the cool space stuff, even though he's a Time Lord. <3

UTAH PORN! That landscape <3 so beautiful. I didn't mind the American feel in this episode, although I do hope it's just for story, I do love the distinctly British feel to it (even though I'm American haha). It felt right for this episode though. The American feel of the music combined with the old themes. The jokes about America and guns. All of the history! I don't even know what it is about this show. I was never much into history, but this show makes me love it. The scene where he first walked into the Oval Office was so perfect. "Oh this is the Oval Office! I was looking for the ... oblong room." And then he walks into the TARDIS. Such a priceless scene. And the Doctor and companions interacting with the Secret Service was too funny. They were all just acting natural and the Secret Service guys were all "umm no" and then Canton was just like "Oh please" and it was marvelous. And of course two of the Founding Fathers fancied the Doctor.

And as for the actual plot and the creepiness (haha finally got to it!). Geez. It was definitely a creepy one. The child's voice brought to mind The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which happens to be one of my favorite episodes. A lot of questions in this one that I can't wait to find out the answers to. The Silence were a little creepier before they became fully realized, I think, though there certainly still very creepy. The implications of them make my skin crawl, and the incidental music when they come up gave me goosebumps. (On a funnier note, laughed so hard at the comment about the Star Trek mask.) And clever, clever Amy taking a picture of it in the bathroom. I hope we find out who they really are next episode.

When Rory and River were down in the control room that may be the same room as the one from the Lodger. And the Silence was right there, but they didn't remember.They could be anywhere, and they're all over and no one knows. And what is that control room about anyways? And who is the girl in the spacesuit and did she actually die? God. I need the new episode so badly. And god the trailer for it!  Good thing I only have to wait one more day!

Loved Canton by the way. The accent made me laugh a little, since he had a bit of an unnatural low growly noise that I guess he was doing to have a better American accent. I loved how quickly he accepted that the Doctor was obviously brilliant and in control and his fascination with everything. Him being all "it's bigger on the inside" and Rory being all "you get used to it" even though he was never thrown off by it. And "How long has Scotland Yard had this?" Of course that was where he went. Of course.

I'm not sure I like the whole Amy being pregnant idea though. My theory is that it isn't true, and I hope it's I'm right. If it is true, I really hope that's not a big factor on the show this year. DNW pregnant Amy with Rory and the Doctor acting like she's gonna break all the time. And I'm not sure if I trust Moffat with a pregnant storyline. Oh well, I guess we'll find out soon. I'm gonna hold out hope that it somehow has something to do with the Silence.

ROLLING IN THE DEEP! Woooo. Such good music on this show. And speaking of music, the score was so fantastic! Murray Gold, such a genius. That reminds me, I still need to get the Series 5 soundtrack.

Also a bit late, but RIP Elizabeth Sladen. I haven't got around to watching much Classic Who, and I never watched the Sarah Jane Chronicles, but I know how much her and her character are loved, and it's so sad she had to go so soon. I'm sure she'll be missed.

Thanks for reading all my rambling if you stuck through the whole thing! I'll try and get my review for tomorrow's episode a bit sooner.

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No time loops and the like huh?

I don't really ship them romantically (except for in the way that I kind of do, and kind of ship everyone in Team TARDIS with each other), but Rory/Eleven makes me so unbelievably happy and everytime they interact it's adorable and fantastic and <3. And definitely Canton! Loved him.

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