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centurion rory
Real life and school have really been kicking my butt lately. It's the end of the year, and I'm so exhausted from everything and I just want to take it easy. Unfortunately, all the tests and projects are pouring on, and AP and IB tests are just around the corner. I just need a break. And although it was a wonderful time, Spring Break was not at all relaxing. The weather has been nice though, so that's one good thing keeping me happy.

My school does this thing called Formals for Five before homecoming and prom where people donate old dresses and you can buy them for $5 and shoes, jewelry, and other accessories for $2. I bought some slightly ridiculous high heels that actually fit amazingly, some cute earrings and a necklace, and a gorgeous hair-clip. I also bought this fabulous dress:

I wouldn't actually wear it for a serious occasion, but I couldn't resist buying it. It's gorgeous and will definitely get some use as a costume for some occasion.

There were a lot of things going on this week in Glee, but I thought they handled most of it very well, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. This is the Glee I like. Hopefully it doesn't sink back down next week.

Tina was so flawless this week. Probably my favorite character on the show. Her and Mike have probably the only healthy relationship on the show, and she was really awesome.

I'm glad they at least tried to make Rachel's nose job storyline about something other than just looks. I still didn't appreciate it though. I'm tired of them using Rachel's lack of self confidence as a one off storyline where she gets confidence and then the next week it's shattered again. I wish they would just deal with it and stop doing this flip flopping. I'm really glad that she was convinced because of her friends showing her they loved her and that she was beautiful, and not just so she could be good enough for Finn. I thought they were gonna go that direction at first, and I'm so pleased they didn't.

Will really pissed me off this week. I'm glad he's trying to help the kids and Emma, but the way he went about it was not done well, especially about Emma. So not okay Will, SO VERY NOT OKAY. Yes, obviously her OCD is causing problems for her. But trying to force her to just do things she's uncomfortable is so invasive and rude. That's not helping her at all. And Will telling her tat he hadn't really minded her OCD before because she was so cute about it really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm so glad Emma faced her issues and went to a professional about it.

Santana was such a bitch this week. I loved her though. I hated some of the things she did, but I think the way her development has been going has been really good. She's acting how I would expect her to. She clearly doesn't have a problem with being lesbian, but she's not going to be alright with being public about it right away. She's always been self-serving, so of course she would try to use Karofsky to win Prom Queen. And I was very pleased that Brittany identified as bi-curious, considering this show's pretty shitty past record on bisexuality. And I'm so very glad she called Santana out at the end. And I thought Karofsky's partial redemption was pretty well done too. They didn't brush over it and make everything better, but he started to improve, and I'm glad. The fact that he stopped bullying and Kurt's idea about PFLAG were both really good bits. The talk between Burt and Karofsky's dad and Karofsky and Kurt was a fantastic scene. And the bully whip uniforms were so flawless. And I'm really glad Kurt's back at McKinley.

I was glad Lauren ran for Prom Queen, and I really liked that storyline in the beginning. It's really refreshing to see a character like Lauren. However the end of it was awful. The whole backstory they made up for Quinn felt so forced and unnecessary. Quinn already has enough problems to deal with, and plenty of reasons for her issues. This was just ridiculous. The way they ended it was pretty decent though.

And I didn't like the implication that any attempts at changing yourself for the better is bad. Self hate is bad. But trying to improve yourself isn't always, especially if you want to do it for yourself.

As for music, this episode was pretty spot on. Quinn and Rachel's duet was gorgeous and a bit heartbreaking. They're so different, but it worked so well for both of them. Finn and Mike were pretty adorable, back to the Finn I used to love. Not a super standout performance but Cory Monteith sounded fantastic and Harry's dancing was flawless as always. Somewhere Only We Know was a great choice, and very well done, although the random piano and strings was hilariously ridiculous, but I don't mind. Beautiful scene for these two. And Kurt's solo <3 I've missed his songs. Chris Colfer has such an amazing voice. The "Barbavention" or whatever was so ridiculous, but I don't even care, I loved it so much. And Kurt and Rachel's friendship will never stop being precious and amazing. This show needs more focus on friendships and less on romance. Born This Way was pretty fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of the song, but the performance was so fierce and I loved it. Loved Brittany's dancing. Loved Kurt's fabulousness. Loved Mercedes. Loved it. And loved the shot of Santana there at the end.

Best quote of the episode: "Only straight I am is straight up bitch." So amazing Santana. I laughed so hard.

I'm really enjoying Game of Thrones! (I actually still haven't finished the book, need to get on that!) Barely any of the characters are how I imagined them, but they all work well. Arya is ADORABLE, I love her spunk! Viserys is definitely creepy, but you can also see how pathetic he is right from the beginning. Watching it with my brother is hilarious though, because he starts laughing anytime Joffrey comes on the screen. I found the mess between Arya and Sansa and Joffrey so unsettling in the book, and it definitely was in the show too. I don't know why, but that whole thing bothered me a lot.

I'm glad they're sticking so closely to books. I've noticed some changes, and of course some things are gonna be left out, but I think they've done it very well so far.

And the title sequence is fantastic!

I'll have my thoughts about Saturday's Doctor Who (I know, really late) up tomorrow, along with pictures of the cupcakes I made for the occasion :)

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You never know when you're going to need a nice dress! A+, looks great.

Glee always has its problems but I enjoyed the episode. There were a few moments where I laughed pretty hard and that's really all I'm in it for.

My thoughts exactly. And at $5, why not?

Yeah, this was one of my favorite episodes in a long time. Every time I think I'm just gonna give up on it, it gives me something like this and I hold out a little hope for it.

Loving the dress, and the price! Sounds a very good idea too, dresses are so expensive and you only get to wear it once (well, once per group of people, or twice as long as I don't tell mum...)!

End-of-term-itis is what my parents dubbed it. Good luck!

Yeah, I agree. I never got paying a whole bunch of money for a dress and then never wearing it again. Unfortunately, there weren't any actual nice formal dresses that I liked that would fit me. I am cursed with a really wide chest, which makes it almost as hard to find things that fit as my weight. Oh well, at least I found this beauty.

Most people here call it senioritis. At least it's mostly that now, and not as much depression as it was earlier this year.

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