My thoughts on Doctor Who and Torchwood
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Yay! More television from the Whoniverse! Also, I made a new friend and she came over to watch Doctor Who with me :) And I have another friend (who is also named Allison too!) who watches it, but she's not caught up yet so she didn't watch it with us. Anyways, my thoughts:

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This wasn't my favorite episode. I mean, it's still Doctor Who, so it's better than most anything else I could have been watching, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the last two episodes and I don't think it's one that'll stick out when I think back on this season. It was pretty good though, and certainly gives you a lot to think about. On one hand, I kind of resent the fact that older Amy was erased and she never had the chance to save herself. But on the other hand, when it came down to it, she did save herself. She survived on her own for 36 years, she was a badass, and ultimately, it was her actions and decisions that allowed the younger Amy to make it out alive.

I thought the actual premise of the conflict was interesting too. It is a kindness, I think, what they were trying to do. It's a horrible situation, and horribly depressing to think about, but also kind of beautiful.

This episode also cemented the fact that Amy and Rory are perfect. Ugh so adorable together. And he makes her laugh even after 36 years alone have turned her bitter and she loves him, truly madly loves him. Enough that she'd erase herself. And he loves her. Loves her despite the age, despite her bitterness. I don't think he loved the younger Amy anymore than he loved the older Amy, it just killed him that she had suffered so much. And she named her robot after him <3. Every episode we get further away from that horrible love triangle shit they tried to throw in.

Dark!Doctor too this episode. For all his childlike excitement and grandfatherly kindness, Eleven is much darker than either Nine or Ten. And it's really intiguing. I think he's ultimately good, but he's not human, he's Time Lord, and he makes hard decisions even when sometimes they're not his to make and sometimes the solutions are cruel. I love Eleven, and I love how complicated he is.Read more...Collapse )

And next week there will only be Doctor Who :( Looks like another creepy episode too!


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